A Voice to be Heard

About the Book

The story of two young women determined to live outside the confines of the Victorian Age and who have a lasting impact on the fledgling town of Melbourne.

Thomas, the son of her employer, Sir Robert Luxford of Leicestershire, seduces Florence. He casts her aside and denies all responsibility for her coming child. Fleeing her former life, Florence’s twins are born illegitimately in Bedford, England in 1819. Florence is alone and destitute with her infant daughters. Fortunately, the twins’ grandfather seeks them out and saves them from the workhouse.

At the age of nineteen, the twins Joey and Maddy Gower suffer a double tragedy, losing both their mother and their beloved grandfather. Circumstances created by their estranged father force them to leave England and they choose to make Australia their new home. The voyage via Rio de Janeiro is not without incident and Joey finds she cannot remain in Sydney with her sister. Despite her difficulties, she travels on to Melbourne, determined to make her life in the young and brash settlement.

The book follows the lives of these two women as they struggle to earn a place in a man’s world. Joey is determined to remain unmarried, despite the difficulties this presents. Maddy decides to marry but find that her chosen partner is far from perfect. The saga of Melbourne’s early years unfolds through the tragedies and celebrations of these two women, destined to change the fabric of Melbournian society and make a lasting impact on the character of Australian life.



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