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History’s Still a Mystery

The first thing I noticed as I started reading this was how well you write for the intended audience. You’ve captured the appropriate voice and constructed your sentences in an easy-to-read, polished style.
The storyline is fascinating. I love the way you’ve made this an educational read. As a teacher, there needs to be more novels like this that are both educational and exciting. I could see my students at school reading this.
Your characters are excellent. You have some solid characterization in here, and I’d be interested in reading the first two novels to get to know them better. Mr. Mac is a great character and teacher.
This is a fascinating, fun look into history. Not only does each trip back in time provide a history lesson, there’s a life lesson involved, too. I liked their realization that the events of Braveheart weren’t “cool” after all. Nice touch. I would recommend this novel and the rest of the series to my students at school. Well done!

Joshua Michael Jacobs, Teacher.

The language and vocabulary are age appropriate. The characters are engaging and realistic – readers will relate – great descriptions – strong “showing instead of telling”.

I expect readers, the boys especially, will love the blood and gore in Chapter 2.

I loved Chapter 3 –I expect it will be new info for most readers.

You present historical information in an interesting and explicit way. I could hear your voice and “accent” as I read the story.

Have you considered expanding one historical event to book length? It would then be possible to explore the history in depth so readers learn about the culture, the historical context, key individuals and so on.

Evelyn Steinberg, Editor.

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