history’s A Mystery

About the Book

Matt, Ben and Nicky grew up together in the small town of Coolongewong. Now they are about to start 5th class with the school’s most popular teacher, Mr Mac. On the first day of school, a troubled new girl, Kris, joins their class. Kris can’t forgive her mother for bringing her to this small town out the back of woop-woop and is determined to hate her new school. But all that is quickly forgotten when, together with her three new friends, they discover that they can go on the most amazing adventures within their own classroom.

They find that by tripping on a creaky floorboard and saying the magic words, History’s a Mystery, they can be transported back in time and experience history as it is being made in exciting, and often dangerous adventures. Mr Mac’s love of teaching history provides most of the destinations the four friends choose to visit. Together they meet some of history’s most famous figures and are present at some of history’s most crucial times. Their adventures take them from Ancient Egypt to Pompeii, from Antarctica to Japan and from Camelot Castle to the Eureka Stockade, with many more places in between.

It was him. It had to be! He was standing there in front of them, large as life. Ben pinched himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

“Er, are you Spartacus?” he stammered.

“Yes I am,” the big man replied.

“What are you doing here, sir?” asked Ben.

“I might just as well ask you the same question, young man,” he replied.180

“This isn’t exactly the best place in Rome for you to be.”

“Er, no. We were trying to get into the amphitheatre to watch you, but we were caught by the soldiers on duty. Because we had no money, they thought we were trying to sneak in and threw us down here. And then they said they would feed us to the lions. Pretty funny, eh?”

“No,” said Spartacus. “If that’s what they said, then that’s what they’ll do.”

(From History’s a Mystery,
Chapter 12: Ben Meets Spartacus)



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