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History’s a Mystery


When my nan first gave me this book in 2007, I immediately started reading and ever since then I can not put it down. I have probably read this book over a billion times but every time seems like the first. It is exciting, interesting and a great read for all ages and because of this book, I have a huge fancy for history now and plan to do it as an elective at my school. This book has changed my life and I hope it can change others as-well.

Elyse Doornbos,
Marist Sisters College Woolwich
Sydney, Australia

my son loves it

Kerry Parker,

this is a great book, I couldn’t put it down!! I also love History…. wish my teacher was like theirs….!!!

Stuart Park Primary School

My name is Michael and I go to Roebuck Primary School where you talked to us. You inspired Codie (Jesse) and I… I am reading books on history now…

Roebuck Primary School

an interesting glimpse at the past and one children would enjoy.

Di Bates,
Editor Buzzwords Magazine

…a popular choice for teachers especially, though the adventures will appeal to children (about 9 to 12) as well.

Virginia Lowe,
Create a Kid’s Book

…the book not only complimented the class topics for the year, but also offered openings for a plethora of other discussion points.

K Pomery,
Classroom Teacher, Mt Warrigal Public School

…an outstanding children’s book and I couldn’t put it down after I started to read it.

A Eves,
Classroom Teacher, Glebe Public School

Brand brings history alive through her vivid characterisation and descriptive language in this novel. This clever book allows us to visualise … the periods visited. The author skilfully gives her audience a taste of a wide variety of historical events, places and personalities… This book is sure to whet students’ appetite and inspire a desire to discover more about the history of our world. It could be used both as a fiction text, and as a supplement for historical learning experiences.

Scan Magazine,
Curriculum K-12 Directorate, NSW DET 2008

…I strongly recommend this book to the 10 to 12 year olds as an easy, fun read. It is an outstanding book of its kind… they (the characters) get to meet some of their heroes from the past and find out that sometimes the romantic notion we have of history disguises some very difficult and traumatic times.

The Childrens Book Council of Australia,

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