Journey Into Darkness

About the Book

Kit Markham’s world turns upside down when Jack, the boy she always believed she would marry, turns out to be her half-brother. At sixteen, feisty and headstrong, she leaves her home in Melbourne and flees to England. The year is 1855.

She is determined to stay away long enough to regain control over her future and leave her feelings for Jack behind.

The Crimean War is drawing to a close in Europe and nurses are needed on the hospital ships bringing the wounded back to Britain. Kit volunteers and meets a young Canadian who was severely wounded outside Sebastopol. After caring for him she realises a calling to train as a doctor and travels to America.

As a young woman seeking a place in a man’s world, she encounters both opposition and setbacks to her plan and must draw on her strength and resilience to survive. Ultimately she must decide what it is that will grant her the fulfilment she seeks and make her truly happy.


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