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History’s a Mystery Once More

About the Book

Olivia and her friends Grace, Will and Jack are now in Year 6 at Coolongawong Public School and continue to enjoy the wonders of Mr Mac’s magic classroom. They visit many new places together, including Tutankhamen’ tomb and Cleopatra in Ancient Egypt, an underground city in Turkey, Louisbourg and Paris. They find themselves performing in Barnum and Bailey’s circus and discover what school was like back in the nineteenth century. They travel to Japan, Africa, Panama and many other places as they witness history in the making. They are present in Darwin during Cyclone Tracy and meet Harry Houdini, Mozart, Boudicca and Breaker Morant.

Matt, Nicky, Ben and Kris also return for an adventure back to New York during the terrorist attacks on the twin towers.

Mr Mac’s love of teaching history provides some of these destinations but others are the choices of the children. In this fourth book in the series, they continue meeting some of history’s most famous heroes, and are present at some of history’s most crucial times.

Dust was thick in the air, churned up by the hundreds of cattle they could see stretched out before them. Dogs were running around, occasionally barking or nipping at the heels of a steer that wasn’t headed in the right direction. And there were other men around them, droving the mob.

“Wow,” shouted Jack. “This is great! I wonder which one of these men is The Breaker.”

“I don’t know,” shouted back Will over the noise of the grunting, moving cattle. The boys looked over at Grace and Livvy and waved. Talking was too difficult with all the noise of the mob. They waved back and smiled. This was going to be a great adventure.

A short while later the cattle became more restless. Their pace picked up and their lowing became louder and louder. A man rode up to the four friends.

“The mob can smell the water at the river,” he said, shouting to be heard over the cattle. “Keep to the sides and stay out of their way. We’ll try to keep them from stampeding, but if they start they’ll be mighty hard to stop and I don’t want you four striplings caught up in the mix.”

The four friends all nodded to show him that they had heard what he had said and had understood. He moved off.

“Do you think that was him?” shouted Jack.

“I dunno,” shouted back Will. “Could be.”

From History’s a Mystery Once More,
Chapter 10: The Breaker



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