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History’s Still a Mystery

About the Book

Matt, Ben, Nicky and Kris have completed their school years at Coolongawong Primary. They have left behind Mr Mac and the magic classroom and begun Year 7 at Orange High School. However, Mr Mac suggested that they might like to try returning to see if the magic still works for them. So when they get off the bus on the day of the new moon, they enter their old classroom, trip on the creaky floorboard and say the magic words, History’s a Mystery. They are delighted to find it works and they all go on an adventure back in time together.

However, the magic does not last and soon they are faced with the real possibility that their adventures in the magic classroom are coming to an end. Matt suggests that they introduce his young sister, Olivia, to the magic and the others agree. This leads to a whole new set of adventures with four new friends. In this book the friends go from the Great Wall of China to the Klondike Goldrush, from the Incas to Stonehenge and from Scotland’s Braveheart to the tragedy of the Hindenburg with many other places and people in between.

“Now would be a really good time for this adventure to end,” she said.

The others nodded.

“Let’s try thinking of the classroom,” Livvy said. They all did this, concentrating hard.

But nothing happened. They were still in the doomed airship. And New Jersey was getting closer and closer.

“Let’s make sure we are on the port side,” said Jack. He was also getting worried now. “I remember reading that more passengers on that side survived.”

“Are you sure you read that it was the port side and not the starboard?” asked Livvy.

“Pretty sure,” answered Jack.

“Oh! Great!” said Grace. “A hundred-per-cent sure would have been a better answer.”

They were all feeling pretty scared now. This was because they knew what was going to happen. All the other passengers were still relaxed and enjoying the trip. They had no idea of the tragedy ahead.

“Let’s go,” said Will. “Assuming we’ve been travelling forwards, the front of the airship must be up there. And port is left. So portside is the other side. We have been on the starboard side all this time. Let’s get over there.”

From History’s Still a Mystery,
Chapter 16: The Hindenburgs



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